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W2 Beef Company

W2 Wrangler Club-Whole Beef Share Program.

W2 Wrangler Club-Whole Beef Share Program.

Regular price $200.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $200.00 USD

Want to get the best deal on beef but you don't want the whole cow? The W2 Wrangler program is the solution! It's no secret-buying the whole cow is the cheapest per pound out of all shares and bundles we offer.

1 Beef Share= 50-55LB Box 

Deposit: $200 due now to reserve each share, $460 due later for each share. 

Total per share: $660


This is an initial deposit. Final amount will be calculated and invoiced before your beef ships out.  

Welcome! You are here because you and your friends are splitting a whole beef. YAY! You have found a great way to get the most affordable and fun way to share bulk beef. 

How to order: 

1. Choose the number of shares and click "add to cart" 

2.  Go to card and place your deposit ($200 per share)

Sit back and get ready for your beef to show up! Your beef share will get delivered directly to you and you will receive updates on when it is shipped and when it will arrive. 

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