W2 Wrangler Club

Do you want to get the best deal we offer on beef? 
Are you planning to place an order with us anyway?
Do you have friends or family that would love bulk beef?
Want to earn Free Ground Beef?
Do you want to help others eat healthier, more sustainable beef?

Then this is the program for you!

How it works: 

1. Email (info@w2beefco.com), message us on facebook, or fill out the contact form on our website and say you are interested in being a W2 Wrangler and we will send you a private link via e-mail that you can share with friends and family. 

2. Your group can select as many beef boxes as you want with a minimum of 8 boxes (at the whole beef price!).  

3.  Each whole beef is split into eight 50-55 pounds boxes and each person you invite can reserve as many boxes as they want. You still get a combination of steaks, ground beef, and roasts in each box.

40% Premium Ground Beef
35% Savory Cuts
25% Steaks 

4. Boxes must be sold by the date provided and if at least 8 boxes aren't sold (AKA a whole beef), then we will have to cancel your orders. 

5. Each box requires a deposit of $200 and the rest will be billed after cows are processed (1/8 beef=$200 deposit, 1/4 beef=$400 deposit, 1/2 beef=$800 deposit).
Example for 1/8 beef through the W2 Wrangler Program: 

Total per share: $660
 Deposit: $200 due to reserve 

Friends and family use the link to put their deposit in meaning no extra work for you!

6. We will ship the boxes to each person who orders for FREE. This saves you the work of splitting up meat or collecting money.

7. Lay back and get a fun bevvy to reward yourself because you just helped get W2 beef into a lot of people's freezers! You are officially a W2 Wrangler!

8. The best part? When your order is shipped out, you will get 10 extra pounds of ground beef for being the W2 Wrangler! Yipeeee!

*Must sell a whole beef by the deadline 

*You can sell over a whole beef, but we require a minimum of fulfilling one whole beef.  

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