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W2 Beef Company

Pre-order W2 Sampler-10 Pounds of Beef

Pre-order W2 Sampler-10 Pounds of Beef

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We don't keep bundles around forever! Snag now! This bundle will ship out in MAY 2024.

Are you new to bulk beef? New to the W2 Family?  The 10 lb. W2 Sampler is a wonderful variety of cuts that pleases everyone in the family and is a great way to give W2 Beef Company a try if you're considering a bulk beef item. FREE SHIPPING!

This 10 lb. pack includes: 

4 lbs. of our premium 85/15 blend of Ground Beef

1 Juicy Roast (2-3 pounds) 

4-5 pounds of steaks (may include a combo of the following: skirt steak, sirloin steak, T-bone steaks, strip steak)

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