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W2 Beef Company

PRE-ORDER W2 Bulk Beef Beginners Bundle-20 Pounds

PRE-ORDER W2 Bulk Beef Beginners Bundle-20 Pounds

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We don't keep bundles around forever! Snag now! This bundle will ship out in MAY 2024.


Bulk beef is our specialty and what we strive to be the best at, but we totally understand if you aren't ready to sign up for a whole beef (Although we think you will one day!).  We have this limited time only bulk beef beginners bundle!

We think this bundle is great if you want to go a little longer with a grocery run for protein and don't want to get out in the cold this winter (and save on gas since we ship for FREE to your door).  1 cubic foot of freezer space is perfect for this bundle.  This bundle is going to be great for the winter if you are going to be hosting, grilling out on the patio, or just like to have great meat in your freezer. 

What's included in this 20 pound bundle: 

8-10 lbs of ground beef--One Roast--1 lb of stew meat---8 lbs steak Combo. 

This offer will go away and not be a guarantee for the next round of product we offer in the spring. Snag it now!

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