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The Chill and Grill Bundle-15 pounds SPECIAL PRICING

The Chill and Grill Bundle-15 pounds SPECIAL PRICING

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Tis the season for grilling with friends and family! Get your freezer set for a few grilling or smoking sessions with this tasty bundle of beef. Also, a few fun snacks (summer sausage and beef sticks!) to eat while you grill so you can "chill" with a great snack and your favorite drink while grilling up some tasty, high quality meat!

Father's Day is approaching and this would be a fun gift!

Included in this 15 pound bundle is the following

4 pounds of pre-formed 1/4 pound hamburger patties (4 patties per package, 16 total). 

3 pounds of ground beef 

1 package of regular brats (4 brats per package) 

1 package of Italian flavored OR jalapeno cheddar brats (4 brats per package)

2-3 pounds of beef short ribs OR brisket  

3 pounds of summer sausage (a combination of both regular and jalapeno cheddar) 

10 jerky sticks-a combination of plain, bbq, and jalapeno cheddar

All shipped for free on dry ice straight to your door. Summer is a busy time for traveling. Please reach out at if you will not be home so your delivery can be coordinated and the meat isn't stuck on your doorstep thawing

If you are local and want to pick up, reach out for a special discount code before you order. 

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