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Knowing Faith Deal- Warm and Cozy Bundle

Knowing Faith Deal- Warm and Cozy Bundle

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It's time to stock your freezer with some beef for these chilly days when you need a warm, hearty meal.  

In this bundle you will receive 16-17 pounds of meat combined of the following: 

5 pounds of ground beef 

6-7 pounds of minute steaks and tenderized round steak 

5 pounds of soup bones 

Minute steaks are perfect for chicken fried steak and tenderized round steak & soup bones are great for the crockpot (Plus use the soup bones to make your own beef broth!). You can't go wrong a little extra ground beef for tacos, casseroles and soups! Enough meat for all of those cozy meals for you need for upcoming cold days!

All shipped for free on dry ice for peak freshness! 

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